First Time Mum: Ferne McCann’s own reality show airs on ITVBe

Ferne McCann has got her own reality show on ITVBe tonight.

Former Towie star Ferne McCann’s journey towards motherhood is documented in new programme Ferne McCann: First Time Mum.

Airing on ITVBe, the 90 minute special exclusively follows Ferne as she faces her future as a mum.

Ferne’s happiness at finding love and falling pregnant turned to pain as she split from her partner, but the programme shows her positive approach and excitement about having a baby.

Ferne admits she is reluctant to join normal pregnancy groups due to her personal situation and the fear of people judging her, but she does try out pregnancy yoga after meeting another mum on a trip out. She also takes part in a magazine photoshoot and goes to her first red carpet event since discovering she was expecting.

As she continues to work hard throughout her pregnancy, the programme follows Ferne right through to giving birth.

As well as being pregnant she has moved out of her mum’s house and is living alone for the first time. But she still spends plenty of time with her mum who joins her for hypnobirthing lessons and will be her birthing partner when she goes into labour.

With intimate access to her close circle of family and friends, Ferne shows courage and strength in the face of adversity, enjoying exploring different spiritual and alternative pregnancy methods in true Ferne style!

Ferne said: “I’m quite quirky so you’ll see me meet with a witch doctor, who blesses the unborn child, and discuss different birthing options. Being pregnant is a nerve-wracking time, so I think people will relate to it.”

First Time Mum with Ferne McCann airs on ITVBe, Tuesday December 12 at 9PM.

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