Ferne McCann wants to follow in the footsteps of Emma Watson


Ferne McCann has said she wants to follow in the footsteps of Emma Watson.

The reality star – who previously appeared on TOWIE and I’m A Celebrity – had been rumoured to be planning to release a debut album this year.

Ferne supposedly been secretly hitting the recording studio, laying down vocals for her first ever record.

A source spilled to The Sun newspaper: “Ferne is a secret songstress. She has been in the recording studio recently and things are going really well.

“She recently played a bit of a swing version of That’s Life that she has recorded and the reaction has been great.”

However speaking to OK! magazine, Ferne said of the rumoured record: “That’s not what I want to focus on now.”

She revealed: “My next thing a I want to get a degree in art. I see myself a bit like Emma Watson. She did the Harry Potter thing and then went back to school and that’s what I’d like to do.”

However Ferne did admit she could be persuaded to make showbiz her main career if the right job came along, such as replacing Holly Willoughby on ITV’s This Morning.

“Who’s going to turn a job like that down? It would be massive boots to fill,” said Ferne. “You see Rylan Clark-Neal stepping in and he does such a great job, so it can be done.

“I love working there. I get to do such a variety of things. I’m going to Cannes to cover the film festival for them soon and I was filming with sharks last week.”