The Famous Five returns this month with new episode

L-R- Anne (Flora Jacoby Richardson), Dick (Kit Rakusen), George (Diaana Babnicova), Julian (Elliott Rose), Roger (Henry Miller), Petula (Orla Fitzgerald)

The BBC has announced the return of The Famous Five, with a brand new episode arriving in May.

The second of two episodes for 2024 will air be available on CBBC and iPlayer on Sunday, 25 May. It will also air on BBC One on 26 May.

The feature length episodes promise to take young viewers on action-packed journeys with the daring explorers as they tackle unprecedented dangers and unravel intriguing mysteries.

The series will see Ann Akinjirin and James Lance returning to their roles as Aunt Fanny and Uncle Quentin, respectively. They will be joined in the second episode by new cast members Ed Speleers, playing Mr Roland, and Nora Arnezeder, who will take on the role of Sabrina Grover.

The earlier Easter episode, titled Peril On The Night Train, features a thrilling cross-country adventure centered around Quentin’s invention, the ‘Algebra Engine’.

This state-of-the-art proto-computer becomes a pivotal element for the country’s counter-intelligence efforts as war looms on the horizon. The episode is a race against time to keep the vital machine out of enemy hands.

Returning to lead the series are the young actors who have quickly become fan favourites: Elliott Rose as Julian, Kit Rakusen as Dick, Flora Jacoby Richardson as Anne, Diaana Babnicova as George, and Kip, the Bearded Collie Cross, playing the beloved Timmy the dog.

The Eye Of The Sunrise, the title of the third episode, will introduce Jason Flemyng as the Great Supremo, a circus magician, and Art Malik as Sir Lincoln Aubrey, further expanding the already talented cast.

Episode one of The Famous Five is available now on BBC iPlayer.

The BBC’s Patricia Hildago said: “A whole a new generation of viewers enjoyed the first instalment of these action-packed, epic adventures. Episode one was one of the biggest hits with parents and children alike, bringing families together, and we can’t wait for viewers to see what’s in store for The Famous Five.”

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