Faace skincare as seen on Dragons’ Den

Faace skincare from Dragons Den

Skincare brand Faace was one of the pitches Dragons’ Den this week – here’s more about the range of products and where to buy.

Entrepreneur Jasmine Wicks-Stephens presented her brand to the Dragons in the latest episode on BBC One.. If you liked what you saw, you can find out more and purchase Faace skincare’s products on Amazon here.

More about Faace skincare products →

The product range includes face masks, daily creams, moisturiser and cleanser. They are free of palm oil and vegan & plant friendly.

Explaining how Faace came to be, Jasmine shared: “Working in the beauty industry for 17 years, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to hunt out products to help pacify the problem.

“Except I found that I didn’t have time for an eight, five, hell, even three-step routine, especially when I had my first son in 2017.

“Any good habits I did have went out of the window and when brushing my teeth got bumped off the list some nights due to sheer exhaustion, I knew something had to change.”

She continued: “I needed a product that I could slap on and leave to do its work. I wanted it to smell good enough to give me a moment of light relief amongst the madness of being a full-time working mum and I wanted it to be super low maintenance to boot. And affordable.

“Which is how I came up with Faace. Fuss-free, does-what-it-says-on-the-bottle beauty.”

Dragons’ Den’s currently airs Thursday nights at 8PM on BBC One and iPlayer.

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