Expert Witness: Ashley John-Baptiste to host new BBC One true crime series

Ashley John-Baptiste is to front a new true crime series on BBC One.


Expert Witness is to explore the inside stories of how expert witnesses helped solve some of the UK’s most complex major crime cases, using forensic science to reveal the hidden clues criminals leave behind.

Produced in Belfast by Rare TV, each episode features two different cases, and hears from those involved in solving them.

The BBC share: “The cases featured in the series will include the fascinating story behind one of Scotland’s longest running investigations, The World’s End murders, in 1977; the forensic imaging expertise behind the eventual capture of Michael Hardacre, the “Rochdale Ripper”; and how the examination of pollen at a murder, and fibres in a car crash, helped to solve two crimes.”

Ashley John-Baptiste said: “It has been truly fascinating to learn how the intelligence and expertise of some remarkable individuals has helped solve some of the biggest criminal cases known to the British public.”

The series will air on BBC One Daytime mornings later this autumn.

Julie Shaw, Commissioning Editor for BBC Daytime added: “Expert Witness offers viewers the opportunity to get inside cases that were cracked thanks to diligent and determined detectives and the best minds in forensic science.


“For any viewer interested in crime and justice, this series is offers a unique insight that shouldn’t be missed.”

Emma Barker, Executive Producer at Rare TV commented: “Without the help of expert witnesses these crimes may never have been solved. It’s been a fascinating insight into modern day detective work.”