Eurovision stage invader previously crashed The Voice UK AND the NTAs

A stage invader that crashed Eurovision 2018 last night is no stranger to TV.


During Saturday’s live show, a stage invader disrupted SuRie’s UK Eurovision performance. A seemingly politically motivated protestor rushed at SuRie and tried to grab her microphone.

At one point, SuRie lost her microphone but eventually got it back and continued to finish the song.

It’s since been revealed that the man who stormed the stage was self proclaimed rapper and activist Dr ACactivism.

And it’s not his first time making a scene on live TV.

In January of this year, he faced off against Dermot O’Leary at the National Television Awards.


And in 2017, he made it on stage of The Voice UK final as well.

The baseball capped stage invader tried to hold up a message on a sheet of paper to cameras but was quickly escorted off stage by security.

Pictures of the paper he tried and failed to show to cameras read: “Journalists of the big media or middle-age and ancient priests; Stop murdering independent thinking. Oppression of ideas is not freedom. Thug-life is not art.

“War is not peace. I demand change in the way big media control information based on four ideas. Positive thinking. Movement creativity. And fairness.”

In a statement, ITV said at the time: “During the results this evening there was a brief interruption on stage, which was dealt with immediately by security. The show continued as planned.”

Eurovision bosses offered SuRie the chance to perform again following the altercation but she declined.

The BBC said: “SuRie and her team are extremely proud of her performance and have together decided that there is absolutely no reason to perform the song again.”


The UK entry finished 24th out of 26 while Israel were crowned the winners in the 2018 Eurovision results

Eurovision airs on BBC One.