Eurovision 2021 songs: Listen and download to all of this year’s tracks

Eurovision Song Contestant - download songs and album 2021

Here are the Eurovision 2021 songs and links to download and stream all of the tracks.


Two live semi-finals this week decided the contestants in the final alongside the ‘Big Five’ automatic qualifiers – the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain – plus last year’s winner the Netherlands.

Now we have the full line up of contestants and songs for Saturday’s Eurovision 2021 song contest final in Rotterdam.

You can find the list of songs below or purchase/stream the full album with all tracks online from Amazon here, Apple Music here or Spotify here.

Eurovision 2021 songs download

The full list of countries plus their contestants and songs in the final are…

France – Barbara Pravi, “Voilà” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

Germany – Jendrik, “I Don’t Feel Hate” [song amz=”″ spotify=”” itunes=”″]

Italy – Måneskin, “Zitti e buoni” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

Spain – Blas Cantó, “Voy a quedarme” [song amz=”″ spotify=”” itunes=”″]

United Kingdom – James Newman, “Embers” [song spotify=”” amz=”″ itunes=”″]

Netherlands – Jeangu Macrooy, “Birth of a New Age” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

Lithuania – The Roop, “Discoteque” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]


Russia – Manizha, “Russian Woman” [song amz=”″ spotify=”” itunes=”″]

Sweden – Tusse, “Voices” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

Cyprus – Elena Tsagrinou, “El diablo” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

Norway – Tix, “Fallen Angel” [song amz=”” spotify=”” itunes=”″]

Belgium – Hooverphonic, “The Wrong Place” [song amz=”″ spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

Israel – Eden Alene, “Set Me Free” [song amz=”” spotify=”” itunes=”″]

Azerbaijan – Efendi, “Mata Hari” [song amz=”” spotify=”” itunes=”″]

Ukraine – Go_A, “Shum” (Шум) [song amz=”” spotify=”” itunes=”″]

Malta – Destiny, “Je me casse” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

San Marino – Senhit feat. Flo Rida, “Adrenalina” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

Greece – Stefania, “Last Dance” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

Moldova – Natalia Gordienko, “Sugar” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]


Iceland – Daði og Gagnamagnið, “10 Years” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

Serbia – Hurricane, “Loco Loco” [song amz=”” spotify=”” itunes=”″]

Albania – Anxhela Peristeri, “Karma” [song amz=”″ spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

Portugal – The Black Mamba, “Love Is on My Side” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

Bulgaria – Victoria, “Growing Up Is Getting Old” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

Finland – Blind Channel, “Dark Side” [song amz=”” spotify=”″ itunes=”″]

Switzerland – Gjon’s Tears, “Tout l’Univers” [song amz=”” spotify=”” itunes=”″]

The UK Eurovision entry 2021 is singer James Newman.


Called Embers, James co-wrote his song with Conor Blake, Danny Shah, Tom Hollings, Samuel Brennan.

Eurovision 2021 airs 8PM on Saturday night on BBC One.

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