Eurovision 2021 reveals four plans to ensure contest goes ahead

Eurovision bosses have unveiled four alternative setups for this year’s contest.

The 65th Eurovision Song Contest was set to take place in Rotterdam in May of 2020.

But the ongoing pandemic saw it cancelled due to various lockdown and travel restrictions.

Now it’s been confirmed Eurovision Song Contest will definitely return in 2021 and on 22 May a new winner will be crowned.

In order to ensure the show goes ahead, the Eurovision Broadcasting Union (EBU) has announced four alternative scenarios.

Scenario A is a normal Eurovision Song Contest just as last year’s original plans were meant to be, with contestants singing live in person from Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena with 9 shows (including the dress rehearsals) in a packed venue.

Scenario B is much the same but with socially distancing of 1.5 metres in place. This would result in a smaller, limited capacity audience as well as limits to the members of each delegation.

Scenario C would be held if there are any travel restrictions in place. The event would be held with an audience (likely socially distanced) in Rotterdam for those able to attend but those restricted would perform in their own country, with all performances in the shows brought together in Rotterdam.

Finally, Scenario D would happen should the Netherlands end up in a lockdown-like situation again. There would be no audience and all performances will be hosted by participants in their respective home countries. They’d be brought together from Rotterdam’s Ahoy arena.

EBU says it will make a choice about which scenario to progress with in the early months of 2021.

The EBU previously confirmed that last year’s competitors were welcome to return this year but could not compete with the same songs.

The UK Eurovision entry for 2020 was James Newman with his new song My Last Breath.

It’s not been confirmed if James will return to represent the UK in 2021.

He said previously: “I started something and I really want to finish it. I was on such a journey. If I got the opportunity to go next year I would love to.”

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