Wheel of Fortune with Graham Norton (New Series)

Graham Norton hosting Wheel of Fortune

BAFTA Award-winner Graham Norton hosts the iconic game show returns as contestants once again spin to win – based on the successful global brand.

In this revamped version of the popular game show, featuring two special episodes with celebrities, contestants face the challenge of a colossal carnival wheel.

Their fortunes hinge on the spin of this wheel, which determines cash values. They then choose letters, attempting to reveal the correct ones in a puzzle. Each correct letter multiplies their winnings.

However, the stakes are high, and the risk is real. A single spin could land on ‘bankrupt’ or ‘lose a turn’, potentially wiping out all their earnings.

The game isn’t just about cash, though. Contestants also stand a chance to win a variety of impressive prizes, which accumulate in their cash pot, aiding them in advancing to the bonus round.

In the end, only one fortunate player will have the opportunity to significantly boost their pot and possibly walk away with a substantial sum.

Wheel of Fortune with Graham Norton airs on ITV1 on Saturday, 6 January 2024 at 6:00PM.

The episode is the first from the show’s first series.