Waterloo Road episode guide (Series 3, 2024)

Waterloo Road first look: Angela Griffin (Kim Campbell)

Waterloo Road returns for 2024 with a brand new series of eight episodes.


Tune in on BBC One and iPlayer from Tuesday, 2 January 2024 at 8:00PM

Episode 1

Kim launches a new scheme, sparking excitement and tension among staff and students. Meanwhile, an unexpected friendship forms between Tonya and the new student, Schuey.

Episode 2

Preston experiences a tumultuous return to school, while Amy’s mentoring project faces initial challenges. Amidst rising tensions, Preston’s actions impact everyone around him.

Episode 3

Shola’s latest fixation has far-reaching and dramatic effects on the school, leading to a crisis for Joe and Mike.

Episode 4

On a pivotal day, Kelly Jo showcases her project to the school, whilst also grappling with her identity and future. Libby, however, becomes a significant obstacle.

Episode 5

A confrontation between Amy and Schuey leads to turmoil. In parallel, Kelly Jo delivers startling news to Dean.

Episode 6

Kelly Jo faces a life-changing choice. As teachers attend an inset day, Libby steps up, leading to chaos in the school with the students unchecked.


Episode 7

Following a shocking revelation, Tonya takes extreme measures. Concurrently, Preston goes to great lengths in his quest for justice.

Episode 8

Donte’s life is upended by the unexpected return of a figure from his past. Simultaneously, Kim and Nicky encounter a complex challenge.