The Caribbean: Billionaires’ Paradise (Series 1, Episode 1)

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This escapist four-part series explores Brits’ number one dream holiday destination – the Caribbean.

This exclusive show introduces us to the elite of Barbados, showcasing the lifestyle of the wealthy island residents.

The series features Elan Mottley, exploring the potential sale of her family’s Sandy Lane property. We also catch up with Jofra Archer, the celebrated fast bowler of the England cricket team, on his break in Barbados following surgery. Additionally, we meet Alison Hinds, the renowned ‘Queen of Soca’ and cultural icon, known for paving the way for other Bajan artists on the global stage.

Newcomers to Barbados, like Sophie Michell, a British chef and author, share their experiences of relocating to the Caribbean. Neysha Soodeen, transitioning from magazine publishing to environmental advocacy, hosts a fundraiser with co-trustee Ben Goldsmith, employing the talents of photographer Junior Sealy to highlight the event.

This episode provides a unique glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle and diverse experiences of those in Barbados.

The Caribbean: Billionaires’ Paradise airs on Channel 4 on Wednesday, 3 January 2024 at 10:00PM.

The episode is the first from the show’s first series.