Michael Mosley: Secrets of Your Big Shop (Channel 4)


In this exciting new series, Dr Michael Mosley delves into the truth about the UK’s health by exploring the contents of our shopping baskets.


Diet accounts for sixty percent of non-genetic illnesses, and Michael is on a mission to change this. He embarks on a nationwide journey, secretly investigating supermarkets to see what people are purchasing and its impact on their health.

Episode List

Episode 1

The opening episode introduces us to Kent-based lorry driver Chris and his wife Rebecca, who is employed by the NHS. Chris takes medication for his blood pressure and cholesterol, while Rebecca struggles with unexplained chronic fatigue. They believe they eat well, often cooking from scratch and loving broccoli.

However, when Dr Michael covertly observes their supermarket purchases, he uncovers potential causes for Rebecca’s fatigue and sets out to transform their eating habits. Additionally, Dr Michael evaluates a viral TikTok recipe that claims to make cola healthier and offers his insights on snacking.

Episode 2

In Birmingham, full-time mum Natalie suffers with irritable bowel syndrome and the constipation that comes with it. Teacher Michael is known to the family’s five kids as ‘beef bum’ due to his toxic trumps and shocking bloating. This couple tell Dr Michael about what they believe is their healthy grocery shop – salads, veggies, healthy proteins and carbs.

But when a disguised Dr Michael ambushes them at the checkout, their trolley tells another story, and he starts them on a gut-busting food revamp. Plus: Dr Michael tests out the viral TikTok craze for the egg diet, and delivers health hacks for pizza and spag bol.

Episode 3

Liam and Lydia from Milton Keynes would love to lose weight since they had their kids. They’re also hoping to find the reason for their low moods, anxiety and bad skin. Dr Michael goes undercover as a takeaway delivery man and shocks the family with their weekly takeaway consumption.

Elsewhere, Dr Michael investigates the health benefits of beetroot, including claims that it’s nature’s Viagra, takes a look at the UK’s most popular breakfasts and puts viral TikToks under the microscope, including the ‘carrot tan’ and batch salads

Episode 4

Ricardo and his fiancée Ambrose are in their late forties and – along with their daughter Anna Maria – are looking forward to celebrating their upcoming wedding. They are massive foodies and are worried about both their weight and their heart health.


But they cook all their meals from scratch and shun processed food, so they’re not sure where the problem begins. Can Michael gain any insight when he looks in their shopping trolley? Plus: Michael also checks out viral TikTok claims about so-called ‘skinny girl shots’ and the sinus cleansing garlic trick, and investigates high-street lunch offerings

Michael Mosley: Secrets of Your Big Shop airs on Channel 4 on Monday at 8:00PM.