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Malta: The Jewel of the Med (Series 1, Episode 2)

Malta: Jewel of the Med S1 EP2: Phyllis shares the story of the church's miraculous escape

This episode takes us on a journey through Malta’s lesser-known rural landscapes, away from the bustling tourist hotspots.


We delve into the heart of the country’s ancient olive groves, where the annual olive harvest is in full swing. In this busy season, we join olive farmer Immanuel, his father Joe, and fiancée Jessica, as they race against time to gather olives for pressing, while preparing for their special ‘branch to bottle’ event – a celebratory dinner amidst the olive trees.

We then step inside Palazzo Parisio, a majestic stately home in Malta. Baroness Justine Pergola, the custodian of this architectural marvel, along with event organiser Adrian, are in the midst of planning a lavish charity event, where precision and elegance are paramount.

Our journey also includes a visit to the striking Church of Mosta, renowned for its immense dome, larger even than St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Here, we hear the incredible tale of survival from local volunteer Phyllis, recounting her family’s experience during a German bombing in World War II. A bomb struck the church but miraculously did not detonate, sparing everyone inside.

Lastly, we take a trip to Malta’s sister island via the Gozo ferry. This vital maritime connection operates tirelessly, ensuring seamless travel between the islands 24/7.

This episode uncovers the rich traditions, vibrant community life, and remarkable stories of resilience that lie just beyond Malta’s glittering coastal facades.

Malta: The Jewel of the Med airs on Channel 5 on Thursday, 11 January 2024 at 8:00PM.

The episode is the second from the show’s first series.