Air Fryers: Do You Know What You’re Missing? (Channel 5)

Airfryers Which One Is Right for You?

The Great British public have welcomed a new addition to the kitchen gadget kingdom – the air fryer, hailed as the great white hope to transform the way we cook, eat and lose weight.

Many of us will have either given one or gifted one for Christmas, or grabbed one in the January Sales.

This programme, presented by Alexis Conran, shows how different makes and models of air fryers stack up against each other. We give you the lowdown on the cheapest, smallest, biggest, most luxurious, extravagant air fryers, with the best accessories, like the steamer option and the one that can BBQ in the garden.

Famous faces tell the story of the air fryer and provide amusing anecdotes and helpful tips along the way, intercut with the very best UGC on social media.

We select a number of air fryers at low, mid and high price points and put them through rigorous and impartial product testing – is higher end always better? Or are their cheaper alternatives that can do the job just as well?

So, if you’re a single person, a couple, in a family of four or a multigenerational family of six, we’ve got everything you need to know to make your air fryer work for you.

Air Fryers: Do You Know What You’re Missing? airs on Channel 5 on Wednesday, 17 January 2024 at 8:00PM.