22 Kids & Counting (Channel 5)

Radford Family Group shot

Millie is urgently taken to the hospital due to her unborn baby being in distress.

Meanwhile, the Radfords’ fourth oldest, Katie, disappears, driven by jealousy and mistrust. She secretly follows her boyfriend Connor to Zante, where he’s on a holiday with friends. Unbeknownst to Connor, not only is Katie on her way to surprise him, but her parents, Noel and Sue, also head to Zante, desperately searching for their daughter who’s fallen off the radar.

Back at the hospital, after a tense and unexpected ordeal during Millie’s scan, baby Elodie-Jade is safely born. With everyone well, the Radford family gears up to welcome another member into their lively household.

22 Kids & Counting airs on Channel 5 on Sunday, 7 January 2024 at 8:00PM.

The episode is the second from the show’s fourth series.