22 Kids & Counting (Series 4, Episode 4)

Walkers and Radfords on Cornwall break May 2023.
Walkers and Radfords on Cornwall break May 2023.

This episode presents a challenging time for the Radford family as they receive heart-wrenching news from their dear friends, the Walkers.

The Walkers’ 16-year-old daughter, Sophie, faces a difficult battle as her cancer resurfaces, leaving few treatment options open. An expensive journey to America emerges as her potential lifeline. The Radfords, ever compassionate and supportive, are determined to assist in every possible way.

The family mobilises their extensive social media network of over 500,000 followers with a pressing video appeal to raise vital funds. Casper, in a moment of inspiration, decides to sell his cherished toys at a car boot sale to contribute to the cause. In a unified display, the Radfords don bespoke t-shirts and participate in the Morecambe 5k, dubbed the Radford Relay, aiming to gather additional funds for Sophie’s treatment.

Meanwhile, Noel celebrates Father’s Day surrounded by an array of 22 cards and some uniquely crafted chocolate “hot dogs”. He spends over an hour reading each card, embracing the love and effort from his family. Sue surprises him with a flying lesson over Blackpool as a gift, hoping to help him overcome his fear of heights. However, as the lesson approaches, Noel’s apprehension grows, humorously wishing he had brought extra underwear for the occasion.

22 Kids & Counting airs on Channel 5 on Sunday, 21 January 2024 at 8:00PM.

The episode is the fourth from the show’s fourth series.