Emma Willis reveals anger and sadness over Big Brother axe

Big Brother host Emma Willis has revealed her anger and sadness over the show’s axe from TV.


After 18 years on UK telly, Big Brother concluded its final ever series last month.

It was Cameron Cole who won Big Brother 2018 in the final, taking home the £100,000 prize fund. He beat Akeem Griffiths in the final two while Zoe Jones finished third and Cian Carrigan ranked in fourth.

Emma hosted both Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother for the past five years and this week spoke about the show’s departure from screens.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Emma admitted that the “timing was disappointing” when Channel 5 announced that Big Brother would end just hours before the launch of the last series.

“I wanted to do a great launch where it’s enthusiastic and fun and exciting, and yet our show’s just been canned,” she recalled. “So how am I meant not to feel sad, walking out and trying to host a show I love, knowing that it’s done?

“They could’ve done it a week before so that we all had time to take it in, or a week after so it could bed in.”


Emma added: “Through the series I went from being angry to really sad, and Rylan [Clark-Neal, who hosted spin-off Bit On The Side] went from sad to really angry, so we swapped emotions.”

The TV host – who also fronts The Voice UK on ITV – suggest there were no current plans for the show to move to another channel.

She said: “It’s weird because when I heard, I thought: ‘It doesn’t matter that it’s not staying here [on Channel 5], it’ll find a home somewhere else.’

“I just thought there was more life in it, especially the celeb one, which was appointment to view.”

Meanwhile, Emma confessed she had yet to find new work to replace the big hole left in her schedule.

“I like to be busy, and it’s a long period of time that I don’t have anything booked in for right now – three months over the summer,” she explained. “I think it’s hard at the minute. There are a lot of shows that are well-established and don’t need anyone else. Everyone wants that new show, but where does it come from?

“But I’m not going to panic, because if I do and summer comes and I still haven’t got anything, I’ll be crying! As long as I’ve got work somewhere and I can pay my bills. I’ve always been freelance since I was 17, so I’m used to it.”

Big Brother first aired in Channel 5 on 2011 after moving from Channel 4 where it started in 2000.


The Big Brother makers are production company Endemol said that “Big Brother continues to be a global phenomenon” adding: “Whilst disappointed not to reach an agreement with Channel 5 the decision opens up a new chapter and we are excited about future possibilities for Big Brother in the UK.”

You can catch Emma on The Voice UK on ITV from Saturday, January 5 at 8PM.