EastEnders: Alfie and Kat Moon to return after Redwater spin-off?

Could we see Alfie and Kat Moon back on EastEnder soon?


The soap favourites – played by Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace – recently left Walford as they appeared in a brand new spin-off show Redwater.

The six part BBC One series ended earlier this year with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers in doubt over whether or not the pair were still alive.

But Shane insisted this week: “Thankfully, Kat and Alfie are not dead. That’s as much as I know.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Shane went on to say he’d jump at the chance to bring Alfie and Kat back to the East End.

“You know what I love? Every time you get actors, they always say, ‘Never say never’. And I’ve watched and I’ve gone, ‘Shut up, never say never’,” Shane said “Because all these actors make out it’s their decision whether they go back or not, and it’s b******s. It’s never their decision.

“So I’d like to sit here and go, ‘Maybe I’ll see how I feel about it’. Trust me, if I get the phone call from EastEnders . . .  I loved being there. I’ve got a lot of friends that are still there.

“If I got the phone call to come back, I’d love the idea.”

While Redwater was reportedly intended to run for a number of series, low ratings led to suggestions it would not return.


4.2 million viewers watched the first episode back in May but that dropped to 2.7 million viewers for episode two. The third instalment dropped again, falling to 2.1 million viewers, half as many as EastEnders had.

The BBC said at the time that no decision on a second series had been made.