Domino Day release date, cast and trailer (BBC Three)

Siena Kelly as Domino Day
Siena Kelly as Domino Day. Credit: BBC/Dancing Ledge Productions/Sophie Mutevelian

The BBC has confirmed the release date and revealed the thrilling first trailer for its much-anticipated new TV series Domino Day.


Domino Day release date

The entire series of Domino Day will be available on BBC iPlayer from 6am on Wednesday, 31 January, with weekly episodes airing on BBC Three starting at 9PM the same night.

Set and filmed in the vibrant city of Manchester, Domino Day features the BAFTA-nominated Siena Kelly, known for her roles in Adult Material and Hit & Run. Siena portrays the lead character, Domino Day, a young woman actively using dating apps. However, Domino’s intentions are far from romantic; she is on a hunt.

The series introduces us to Domino, a young witch with extraordinary powers who is in search of a community to help her understand her true identity. Little does she know, a coven of witches is already monitoring her, convinced that they must stop her before her powers wreak havoc.

As the story unfolds, a dangerous figure from Domino’s past reemerges, setting the stage for what could either be a new beginning or a catastrophic confrontation.

Watch the trailer now…

Meet the cast

Joining Siena Kelly in this modern-day witchcraft drama are Babirye Bukilwa (We Hunt Together, Neighbors), Poppy Lee Friar (In My Skin, Life And Death In The Warehouse), Alisha Bailey (Call the Midwife, Strike), and Molly Harris (Industry, Monsoon) as members of the Coven.

The series also stars Sam Howard-Sneyd (Clarity and Chaos, The Children), Percelle Ascott (The Innocents, I Came By), Lucy Cohu (COBRA, Dangerous Liaisons), Christopher Jeffers (Rocketman, Coronation Street), Jonah Rzeskiewicz (Death on the Nile, The Dig), and Maimuna Memon (Sherwood, Lazarus).


This groundbreaking series is the brainchild of BAFTA-nominated writer Lauren Sequeira and is being developed and produced by Fremantle’s Dancing Ledge Productions, known for their work on The Responder and The Salisbury Poisonings.

Watch Domino Day on BBC iPlayer from 6am on Wednesday, 31 January, and weekly on BBC Three starting at 9PM the same night.

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