Domino Day: BBC Three announces new supernatural drama

BBC Three has announced new drama Domino Day.


Domino Day is a brand new series created and written by Lauren Sequeira and set in Manchester.

The BBC share: “Modern dating can be an isolating, lonely experience, where feelings are hidden and meaningful connections always seem just out of reach. But Domino has one small advantage in the dating game: she isn’t swiping to find her soulmate – she’s using it to hunt.

“Domino is a powerful young witch who is haunted by her need to feed on the energy of others. A hunger that only grows, despite her attempt to start her life over in Manchester, where she is desperately seeking a community who can help her understand what is happening to her.

“But Domino doesn’t need to try so hard – a coven of witches are already tracking her every move, convinced they have to stop her before her powers destroy everyone and everything around her.”

Writer, creator and Executive Producer, Lauren Sequeira said: “I’m over the (full) moon to be doing this project with the BBC and Dancing Ledge Productions, who have really championed my career from the start.

“I wanted to write a supernatural series that wasn’t only thrilling and twisty, but also tapped into the very real dating scene and how it affects modern relationships.


“I can’t wait for the audience to meet Domino Day, and couldn’t imagine a better team than DLP – after being their writer-in-resident, many moons ago, it feels right that they’ll now be producing my first original series.”

Casting and a release date for Domino Day is to be confirmed.

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