Disability Benefits: Channel 4 announces new series from Rosie Jones


Channel 4 has announced new comedy Disability Benefits from Rosie Jones.

Having originated as a Channel 4 Comedy Blap, the new six-part series is crafted by Rosie Jones and Peter Fellows, in collaboration with Merman Television and 2LE Media.

The story follows Emily (portrayed by Rosie Jones), a young woman whose state benefits are mercilessly slashed following her redundancy. Left with little to lose, she embarks on a journey to establish an underground drug empire.

Yet, Emily is no ordinary street-level drug dealer – she’s quick-witted, humorous, incisive, and highly educated. Adding to her uniqueness, she also faces life with cerebral palsy.

Throughout her life, Emily has been underestimated time and again. Either she’s faced condescending attitudes for accomplishing the simplest tasks or experienced the insidious disregard of those who pretend she doesn’t exist. What better disguise for criminal enterprises than being utterly dismissed by the very system designed to uphold the law?

A release date is to be announced.

Rosie Jones said: “I am incredibly excited to be making Disability Benefits for Channel 4. It has always been my dream to have my own sitcom and now it is coming true! Bring it on!!”

Charlie Perkins, Head of Comedy for Channel 4 added: “Rosie is a National Treasure at Channel 4, with her distinctively funny and powerful work felt across all genres. So making her first sitcom alongside the huge talents of Peter, Merman and 2LE is the perfect next step for this special force of nature.

Disability Benefits adds to an increasingly exciting slate of Channel 4 Comedy shows for next year and beyond.”

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