Diana Vickers spills all on Celebrity Karaoke Club as she joins ITV2 show

Singer Diana Vickers becomes the latest famous face to join ITV2’s Celebrity Karaoke Club.


The new unique singing competition continues tonight at 10PM with its third episode.

Following the latest elimination comes the arrival of new guest, former X Factor star Diana Vickers.

“When I initially got approached about the series, it just sounded like really good fun!” she said. “It was very much like go into a karaoke bar and have a great time. It sounded like so much fun and a good laugh.

“I didn’t know everyone that was doing it and obviously that is part of the surprise. I love karaoke and it is one thing that I have really missed. After lockdown, and when things were starting to open up, my friends and I were like, ‘shall we see if the karaoke bar is open?'”

Diana continued: “This series is really all about everyone having a laugh. I really didn’t take myself too seriously and I am not too sure how good I sound! It was more about going up there, performing, getting everyone’s attention and it is basically a night out.

“I think people shouldn’t expect a serious X Factor competition or anything like that – it is literally being a fly on the wall on a great night out at a karaoke bar with a fab group of people. We all really went for it!”


Diana admitted: “I really was not holding back. I was like “give me that mic!” I think I was doing leg kicks – not holding back what so ever.”

But despite her past experience on the stage, Diana confessed: “I was quite nervous. I think when you go into a situation and you don’t really know anybody, and no one knows you…you are like, ‘I hope people like me!’

“As I came in slightly later, people had made friends already, so I was a bit apprehensive about that. However, as soon as I got in, everyone was so warm and lovely and made me feel really welcome.”

She added: “I wasn’t taking myself seriously and I have no idea what I vocally sound like. I was more bothered about the physical aspect – I was doing high kicks, dropping to the floor and including people to get the group warmed up. I was more focused on commanding the audience and the physical movement.

“Who knows what I look like! I am rather terrified to see myself back.”


As for whether she’s in it to win it, Diana concluded: “You know what, it is all about having a good time and having fun. Obviously, it would be great to win but it is more about having a laugh and taking it for what it is – a fun night out!”

Celebrity Karaoke Club, Wednesdays at 10PM on ITV2.