The Love Triangle: Desiree Burch to host new E4 dating show for couples looking to ‘throuple-up’

A new dating show from E4 will help couples looking to expand their relationships.


According to E4, over a quarter of 18-24s say they would like to try a polyamorous relationship.

But for the couples hoping to ‘throuple-up’, finding and agreeing on the third person is notoriously tricky. Not only do they need to agree on the type of personality they’re after, they both need to have the hots for them too.

Brand new dating show The Love Triangle aims to help wannabe ‘throuples’ find their perfect match.

A pilot episode will debut on E4 on Wednesday, 29 September at 10PM.

Love Triangle - Jeff Evangelista..Nathanial Quinn..
Love Triangle – Jeff Evangelista..Nathanial Quinn..

The show will be hosted by Desiree Burch with voiceover from Drag Race UK star Bimini Bon Boulash.

They’ll introduce the singles to the hopeful couples. But after the couples have given a potential third person the thumbs up, will their potential new love interest feel the same way about them?


Host Desiree Burch explains: “The Love Triangle is a dating show which expands the notion of dating outside of monogamy. It does start with a couple looking for a third person to expand their couple to a throuple, but this is a show that’s looking to create relationships based on three equals rather than two.

“I think it’s quite ground-breaking. I’m excited about what it means for how we look at dating shows and dating in general. Hopefully it will open some people’s minds to what can be possible for them.”

She continues: “I hoped that I might bring something to it that was a bit more accepting and inclusive. A way that isn’t exploitative or ‘let’s gawk at a threesome in action’. That’s not what the show is.

“It will be interesting to figure out the emotional nuance and sense of security that comes with the show because it’s one thing to pick and choose when you aren’t looking at someone – which is what happens in the show – but it’s an entirely different thing when suddenly the lights are up, and you see them.

“It’s just the same as the way we’re different when we talk to people online compared to when we actually meet them.”

The couples don’t get to see the singles, making their decisions based on answers and voice alone.

Desiree shares: “I noticed that look of regret when the couples see the singles they didn’t choose. We have one couple who I think regretted eliminating someone and even I could see they were a good match. Any time you say yes to something, you’re saying no to other things, and that’s easier when you don’t know what those choices were.


“If you turn right, you don’t know about all the stuff that’s waiting for you if you’d turned left. And in this case, on the show, you can see exactly what was waiting for you so of course you’re going to have some regret.”

Love Triangle - Leia Thomas
Love Triangle – Leia Thomas

And there were some awkward moments when the couple and chosen single fail to fancy each other when they were face to face.

“When you see the single person walk out, you look at how they’re all standing there with each other and think, ‘hmm, I don’t know about this’,” Desiree says. “It’s something you can’t quite articulate, but you just get a feeling.


“It’s interesting what someone on the outside of a relationship can see, compared to what the people within it might not.”

The Love Triangle airs Wednesday, 29 September at 10PM on E4.

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