Davina McCall reveals why Channel 4 decided to bring back The £100k Drop

Bosses had a rethink before Million Pound Drop set was scrapped

Davina McCall has revealed that Channel 4 brought back The £100k Drop to prevent its studio set from being scrapped.


The big-money gameshow began life as The Million Pound Drop in 2010, proving an instant smash hit with viewers.

The broadcaster eventually dropped the format in 2015 after a twelve-series run in primetime.

However, last year it returned to our screens as a daytime show, with a £100,000 top prize – and now Davina has revealed exactly how the revival came amount.

According to the presenter, C4 bosses changed their minds when production company Endemol Shine informed them the symbolic Drop set was facing the scrapheap after years in storage.

“They were just about to chuck the set and they thought they’d go back and ask Channel 4 one last time if they wanted to bring it back,” Davina explained to Huffington Post UK.

“Channel 4 had a think about it and they said yes, but would put it in daytime with a lower prize fund.”


She continued: “The set got dusted off, which was amazing. Usually with daytime, you can’t afford an expensive set with all the lasers and stuff.

“We still had it all. So for a daytime show, it looks really classy with all the bells and whistles.”

The second series of The £100k Drop began on Monday with an impressive performance from contestants Yvonne and Trisha.

The duo became the first players ever on both versions to reach question six with their entire starting prize intact.

However, disaster struck as Yvonne and Trisha took £60,000 through to the final round.

They went home empty-handed after incorrectly guessing that the bottom stripe on the United States flag is white.

Davina told HuffPost her top tip for future players is to double-check if the word ‘not’ is in a question.

“I we use the word ‘not’ in a question, you need to really start thinking,” she commented.

“That’s so confusing the ‘not’ thing – the questions will trip you up.”


The brand new series of The £100k Drop continues every weekday at 4.00pm on Channel 4, and 7.00pm on 4Seven.

Budding contestants can apply to take part at

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