Davina McCall exposes hilarious TV Show secrets live on This Morning

Mo Gilligan, Davina McCall, Olly Murs & Jonathan Ross react to the reveal
Mo Gilligan, Davina McCall, Olly Murs & Jonathan Ross

Davina McCall appeared on This Morning this week, where she discussed New Year Resolutions, The Masked Singer, and the heartwarming ITV series My Mum, Your Dad.

Davina first spoke about the success of The Masked Singer’s return, now airing on Saturday nights on ITV

“I know generations watch it together and Saturday night TV is about that, about the generations coming together… And can I also say, it’s the costumes too! I laugh so hard… It’s daft isn’t it? It’s really silly,” she exclaimed.

The discussion turned playful as Davina teased Dermot O’Leary about participating in the show. Dermot, with a smile, responded, “I don’t know… it’s not a no…” This led Davina to humorously pretend to call the show’s bosses, saying, ‘Ring Dermot now, I think he might do it!’

Alison Hammond, who had a brief stint on the show, shared her experience, focusing on the emotional aspect of revealing one’s identity. “That moment when you’re the most vulnerable is when you have to take the mask off and sing again – that for me was, ‘Oh I don’t like it!’ I like it when the mask was on,” she confessed. Dermot added, “I never ever guess it when I watch it, ever! I’m useless at it.”

The conversation shifted to My Mum, Your Dad, a show close to Davina’s heart. She described it as “a pure at heart show” and delved into the emotional complexities it explored.

Davina McCall seen smiling for the camera, posing in a light pink blazer

“It was just about finding love but it was also about all the baggage that we come with and trying to take down those walls brick by brick sometimes that we build up because we’ve been hurt, or betrayed, or grieving…” Davina explained.

Davina also praised the children’s involvement in the show. “That was so heartwarming, because when you look at teenagers today or people in their early twenties they are often portrayed in a single-minded way, and actually they are lots of different things, but when you look at how much they love their parents it is the most endearing sweet thing and how invested they are in their parents being happy later in life,” she said.

A special moment on the show was the surprise virtual reunion with Roger and Janey, the couple from My Mum, Your Dad who found love and are currently in the Caribbean. Davina, visibly delighted, complimented them: “Wow! You look fantastic you two, are you having a lovely time? And still looking like style icons, you’re not letting the side down there!”

Janey responded with a blend of humour and gratitude, “We are having the best time! And we do try…” She jokingly blamed Davina for her pairing with Roger but acknowledged, “It has been the best time of my life without question, so thank you.” Roger echoed these sentiments, remarking, “It changed my life completely beyond anything I could have ever imagined and I’m trying not to look too smug!”

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