David Walliams reveals Britain’s Got Talent spoilers from the new series

David Walliams has revealed all about Britain’s Got Talent 2018’s new series.


The comic returns for his sixth year on the ITV show this weekend.

Once again joined by Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden, David Walliams has been spilling all about the new series.

“It’s been fun, it’s been harmonious and there’s been lots of brilliant talent, which is important,” David said. “There have been lots of eccentric people, lots of proper variety, brilliant magicians and comedians.

“I’m pleased because there are lots of other singing shows and we do have brilliant singers on this show but I’m just pleased to see all the variety.

David Walliams (Britain's Got Talent 2018)
David Walliams (Britain’s Got Talent 2018)

“It’s tough actually, because one year we might have just one or two great magicians but it feels like we’ve got about ten this year and the same with comics. So, it’s going to be interesting.”

On comic in particular got David’s attention.


He explained: “There was one man who came on who, because of his disability, is unable to speak, which you might think would be tough for a stand- up comic. But he has a pre-programmed computer, which provides the words.

“He had a really witty routine which was really funny. I must admit, it was something I have never seen before. He was really funny, so surprising and original. I love that.”

Meanwhile, David teased his golden buzzer act, saying: “I love my golden buzzer this year. He’s this brilliant singer, he’s got the most incredible, catchy song.

“I beat Simon to the golden buzzer, he really wanted him so he was really angry and super competitive, but I got there first. He was a real highlight for me.”

And he also let slip that all the other judges had chosen singers as their golden buzzer acts as well.

“I guess there’s a kind of euphoria which comes with music which is hard to match,” David suggested. “If you pick the right song then the audiences are in a fantastic mood and you have a big moment.

Britain's Got Talent 2018
David Walliams, Alesha Dixon, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden

“I’d quite like to have given it to a comic, but you don’t know what’s coming next, so you just have to go with your instincts in the moment. It’s a bit like your virginity; you can’t wait to get it over with because the longer you wait the more tense you get!


“So all the judges buzzed before we even got to Manchester, so I felt a bit sorry for the acts there!”

Britain’s Got Talent airs on Saturday 14th April, 8pm on ITV.