David Walliams’ Billionaire Boy tickets in London’s West End this Christmas

David Walliams' Billionaire Boy tickets

David Walliams’ Billionaire Boy is coming to London’s West End this Christmas.


A stage version of David’s best selling children’s novel first premiered in 2018.

Now it’s heading to the West End for Christmas, performing at Bloomsbury Theatre, London between December 13, 2019 and January 5, 2020.

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A synopsis of the show reads:

One-day factory worker Len Spud invents a new loo roll “Bum Fresh – wet on one side, dry on the other”. The wiping-wonder is an instant hit. Len, and his son Joe, become overnight billionaires, turning their lives upside down.

Whilst Mr Spud spends, spends, spends on fast cars, 100-inch TVs, and lavish gifts for his glamorous new girlfriend, Sapphire Stone, Joe is left to fend for himself.

In the unforgiving world of the school playground, things are about to get more complicated. With his new best friend, Bob, at his side, Joe navigates an assault course of school bullies and dangerously inedible canteen food. To make matters worse, is the impossibly pretty new girl Lauren all that she appears to be?

Described as a “perfect family show at Christmas”, the new production is currently on a tour of the UK with dates and tickets at other venues available here.


“I can’t wait to see their brand new production of Billionaire Boy! It promises to be a brilliant show!” David said.

Billionaire Boy was originally published in 2010 and in 2016 was turned into a TV film for BBC One on New Year’s Day.