David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived documentary comes to Sky and NOW


One-off documentary David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived arrives on Sky and NOW in November.

With Daniel Radcliffe serving as the executive producer and directed by Dan Hartley of Lad: A Yorkshire Story fame, David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived is set to premiere on Sky Documentaries and the NOW streaming service on 18 November.

This poignant film delves into the life of David Holmes, a gifted teenage gymnast from Essex.

Selected to be the stunt double for a then eleven-year-old Daniel Radcliffe in the debut Harry Potter film, David and Daniel quickly form an unbreakable bond over a decade. However, tragedy strikes during the filming of the second-last movie when an on-set accident results in a severe spinal injury for David, leaving him paralysed and altering his life profoundly.

In the wake of the accident, Daniel, along with other stunt peers, come together in a heartfelt show of support for David and his family. But it’s David’s remarkable resilience that provides a beacon of hope and motivation for everyone around him.

With a mix of raw footage captured over the years, glimpses of Holmes’ stunt sequences, snippets from his present-day life, and deep conversations with the likes of David, Daniel Radcliffe, and those close to David, the documentary goes beyond just one individual’s story.

It resonates with broader themes like facing adversity, maturation, finding one’s place in an unpredictable world, and the profound connections that sustain and uplift us in times of trial.

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