Danny Miller reveals ‘agonising’ decision to leave newborn son to do I’m A Celebrity

Emmerdale star Danny Miller admits he agonised over whether to take part in this year’s I’m A Celebrity.

The soap star says he was unsure about accepting an offer because it means leaving his new baby behind.

Danny, who only recently became a father for the first time, reveals he spent a long time discussing whether to part with his fiancée, Steph, before finally deciding he couldn’t turn down an opportunity of a lifetime.

And the actor, who has played Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle on and off for 13 years, explains he wants to show viewers what he is like in real life away from the soap.

“Steph and I had a long discussion about me taking part in I’m A Celebrity,” admits Danny. “We were due to start IVF earlier this year and that would have meant the baby would have been due
next March, so it wouldn’t have mattered.

“But then a miracle happened and Steph fell pregnant (without IVF). I knew my baby would only be about a month old when I went into the Castle.

“I was worried about leaving the baby with Steph on her own but she is a midwife and I know our baby will be in perfect hands. She has been incredibly supportive and she knows what a great opportunity this is to take part.

“And so after lots of discussions, I’ve said yes! I’m A Celebrity is the biggest show in the country and I want to show people what I am like as Danny rather than as Aaron.

“It will be nice for people to see me not crying but having a laugh! I am a fun guy at home and I’ve been known as Aaron now for 13 years – it’s good to step outside your comfort zone.”

One of Danny’s best friends is former I’m A Celebrity star Adam Thomas who came third on the show in 2016.

“I confided in Adam about me taking part as he is one of my best friends in the world,” explains the actor. “I feel like I am a step ahead as I’ve asked him questions about what it will be like.

“Obviously he was in Australia and this is in Wales but he has been amazing in helping to settle my nerves.”

As for the trials, Danny says: “Will I scream? I think it will be more of a yelp than a high pitch scream! It is going to be tough and I am also just hoping I don’t pass out if I have to do a
coffin trial either!”

And e hopes Emmerdale fans will vote for him in their droves to do Trials: “I do hope they vote for me. I want to show I have a fun side to me.”

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues nightly on ITV and ITV Hub.