Dancing On Ice’s Rebekah Vardy on and her fears and ‘resting b***h face’

Rebekah Vardy has revealed all about signing up for Dancing On Ice.


The model and TV personality is one of twelve celebrities on the 2021 cast.

On why she took up the offer to join the show, Rebekah said: “I think it’s a challenge. I love ice skating, I love watching it. I skated a bit when I was younger but I’ve probably not skated for about 12 or 13 years.

“My dad taught me to skate when I was little. It was something that we did together so it’s quite meaningful to me too…. It was something he knew we enjoyed so it was something he embraced for us. It was just a fun activity as kids.”

When it comes to her worries about taking to the ice, Rebekah admitted learning choreography was her biggest fear.

She explained: “I’ve never done it before. I’ve never had to do it before so I guess that combined with ice skating – that’s probably my biggest challenge. What possibly can go wrong with all those combined?!”

Rebekah continued to share her strengths and weaknesses: “My strength is my determination. I don’t give up and that’s my mantra really – live by the blade, die by the blade is what I would say!


“My weaknesses – I think I’ll have to throw the resting bitch face in there! I have this resting bitch face and I know I’ve got it but I’m smiling on the inside. I really am! To other people it looks like I’m miserable.

“Now the Botox is wearing off hopefully the happy features will start coming through.”

Rebekah also spoke about being “really competitive but not in a bad way”.

She said: “Anything I do I like to give it 100 per cent and you’ll probably see quite a bit of determination from me. I wouldn’t say I’m in it to win it but that’s the show at the end of the day and it’s a challenge and someone’s got to win!


Dancing On Ice 2021 airs Sunday nights on ITV at 6PM from 17 January.

Picture: ITV