Dancing On Ice’s Myleene Klass is “terrified” of taking to the ice

Myleene Klass has revealed she is “terrified” of skating on Dancing On Ice.


The singer, musician and TV personality is one of twelve celebrities on the Dancing On Ice 2021 line up.

And ahead of her first skate, she confessed: “I’m terrified of all of it! I’m terrified of my piano fingers getting rolled over. I don’t know why that’s a recurring fear but it just is.

“I think any time I’ve done a concert I’ve had to sign an indemnity insurance clause and I’ve had to sign all of these things that look after my fingers and now I’m actually in the line of fire I feel like I’m really going to have to look after my fingers. By the nature of what it is I feel quite protective over my fingers.

“As a pianist I have to look after my fingers but I also have to life my life and I love the fact that I’m going to walk away with a new skill, new butt and fabulous wardrobe!”

Myleene continued: “I’m in it because I want to be able to stop! I want to be able to do that move where you spin and stop and spray the ice.

“I’m that person where when I’m on the ice I will hold on to you, I will hold onto the sides, I will hold onto passing kids, I can’t stop. That’s not to say I can’t go fast, I just can’t stop!”


When it comes to facing receiving feedback from the panel, Myleene said: “I think I feel like if it was something I could do I would feel like I’d have a right to reply but I don’t feel like I’ve got that so I’m just going to get on board.

“I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing, this is completely new territory and when they say do something that scares you every single day – well, this terrifies me!

“But I make sure my children do things that scare them every single day, I push them to discover new challenges, to discover new talents and you can’t discover anything until you put yourself in a situation so I’m going to lead by example on that and give it a good go.

“And they’re just so excited because they’ve never seen me do something new like this and when I first had the conversation with my manager she just said why don’t you do something that you don’t know you can do, why don’t you challenge yourself. And then I said I’m SCARED! So, that’s why I feel I should.”

Myleene concluded: “I mean I am so out of my comfort zone. I never even holiday in the cold, I like the heat. If there’s no palm trees I’m not interested!


“And there are no palm trees on this ice rink. I’m not Elsa, I’m Moana.”

Dancing On Ice 2021 airs Sunday nights on ITV at 6PM from 17 January.