Dancing On Ice’s Denise Van Outen reveals her biggest fear

Denise Van Outen is one of twelve celebs on the new Dancing On Ice line up.


The actress, singer and dancer will take to the ice in Sunday night’s first live show – and there’s one thing Denise fears.

“Injury I suppose is the only thing I worry about,” she said of signing up for the show. “I’m not worried about anything else but I don’t want to have any accidents.”

Denise said she joined the series in order to “get on the ice and actually skate”.

She explained: “Betsy [Denise’s daughter] has just turned 10 so for the past few years when I’ve taken her to Lapland UK or Somerset House, anything like that, I never get on the ice.

“She’s like ‘skate with me mummy’ and I’m holding onto the side. Not because I’m scared but because I can’t actually skate. So, I’ve had to send on Eddie [Denise’s partner] or friends with her.

“I actually would like to be able to go with her. I don’t want to be that mum who can’t do something or can’t give it a try.”


When it comes to the competition element of the show, Denise said: “Well, this is how it is with everything I do – I don’t ever go into anything thinking I’m going to win it but as the game picks up and the competition picks up you do get competitive, you can’t help it.

“I wouldn’t say I’m like I have to win this. I just want to learn to skate, do the best that I can and hope that I could win it. It’s more proving to myself and enjoying it and learning to do some of the tricks that I’ve watched other people do.

“But don’t get me wrong– I’d love to do Bolero! I was a kid when I watched that. I’ll always remember seeing Torvill and Dean and just being in awe of them.”

Denise added that she was well prepared for feedback from the judges.

She shared: “I’ve met Jayne and Chris before and I know they don’t mince their words when they critique you. I can take criticism because I’ve had to dish it out myself in the past too. I’ve been a judge so I know what a judge’s role is so I’m ready to take the constructive criticism.


“I don’t mind that though. Even when I did Strictly I did extra hours. It takes me longer to learn things and retain information so I have to do it like that. I have to do things over and over.”

Dancing On Ice 2021 airs Sunday nights on ITV at 6PM from 17 January.