Damned cast and spoilers from Channel 4’s comedy series

Damned returns to Channel 4 tonight for a second series – but who’s on the cast and what’s it all about?


In a post-Brexit world, defined by a new government and legislation that no one can really fathom, Elm Heath Social Services have more crises to deal with that ever. Rose remains as irritable, chaotic and resentful as ever as she tries to juggle home, work, family and her far-too-present ex-husband.

Meanwhile Al, apathetically trying to surf a mid-life crisis, considers pastures new to inject some much needed excitement, and a new challenge, into his life. Martin is back full time and this time round he’s in charge so things might be about to change – but ever so kindly and slowly cause he’s a nice bloke. But will his new position of power bring out some unseemly dictatorial traits?

Damned Cast

Jo Brand (Getting On, Going Forward) returns as Rose, Alan Davies (Jonathan Creek, QI) as Al and Kevin Eldon (Game of Thrones, Nighty Night) as Martin

Also starring Isy Suttie as Nat, Himesh Patel as Nitin, Morwenna Banks as Ingrid, Lolly Adefope as Mimi and Georgie Glen as Denise.

Damned spoilers

In tonight’s third episode, Nitin (Patel) arrives early to be given a fright by Nat (Suttie) who has slept at the office. Denise (Glen) freezes on live TV when a case of historic abuse is mentioned.

Mimi (Adefope) and Martin’s (Eldon) mentor/student relationship confuses everyone. Al (Davies) gets a literal shock when he visits the home of vicious criminal ‘Animal’ Hames (Phil Cornwell), and Nitin drops in on drunk parent Zak (Will Smith) to find that booze is the tip of the substance-abuse iceberg.


Rose (Brand) is pelted with food before meeting up with Dennis (Clive Mantle), where she bumps into Al and Nitin on an awkward double date with a UKIP pin-up and her sister.

Damned returns to Channel 4 on Wednesday 28th February at 10pm

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