Coronation Street spoilers as Connor McIntyre details Pat Phelan’s dramatic exit

Coronation Street’s Connor McIntyre has revealed details of Pat Phelan’s upcoming exit.


A string of special episodes will air on ITV at 9PM across the week alongside the Britain’s Got Talent live shows.

Serial murderer Pat has already killed off four of the Street’s characters in a string of brutal murders.

Killer Pat, played by Connor McIntyre, was previously seen falling to his ‘death’ during episodes earlier this year. He was pushed off a cliff by wife Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver).

However it was later revealed that Pat had survived the fall and will be seen bowing out in dramatic style next week – but will he lose his liberty or his life?

Teasing just how will it all end, Connor said this week: “I thought [the scripts] were terrific. Everything is very neatly tied up. Phelan’s story started with a calamitous choice, when Owen and Gary stole his motorbike, which started everything else off.

“This part of the story also starts with a calamitous choice. When Gary tracks Phelan down in the caravan, why doesn’t he just call the police? But of course this is Coronation Street and we bring Phelan back to the Street. Once he arrives back on the Street, it’s not going to end well…”


He added: “The scripts have been great, the story has been fantastic and we’ve taken it as close as it could get.”

Discussing Pat’s character, Connor continued: “One of the things that has given Pat Phelan some longevity is that there are qualities in him that are very human. People often say to me: ‘We can see a good man there fighting to get out. We can see some decency in there somewhere’. But he makes bad choice after bad choice.

“Once Phelan gets free again, he has the choice to just leave the Street, but he wants to see his grandson – and woe betide anyone who gets in his way.

“Just seeing the baby becomes the thing for Phelan. His plan isn’t to take the baby, but it’s a question of his legacy. In his very strange and twisted way, that’s what he wants to connect with.”

Connor concluded it was now the ‘right time’ for Pat to go.


“Just because we’ve taken the audience with us on a couple of false starts. Phelan deserves his comeuppance and we’ve asked the audience to come along on the ride. They deserve the pay-off – and I think it’s a decent pay-off,” he said.

The show airs all next week (Monday, May 28 – Friday, June 1) at 9PM.