Coronation Street ‘chaos’ over weekly six episode schedule

There’s said to be chaos backstage on Coronation Street over its new six-episode schedule.


In 2017 the ITV soap started airing an extra episode each week.

It means there are now double helpings of the show on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays every week.

But behind the scenes, the new schedule has reportedly been causing problems.

The Sun reports that cast and crew are struggling to keep up with the demand for new episodes.

An insider claimed the tabloid: “It’s chaos backstage as the filming schedules to keep up with six episodes a week have been putting everyone under huge pressure. Lots of people are stressed and very unhappy.

“The crew are even referring to Corrie as the Titanic as they fear they are all going down with the ship.”


They added: “Different departments have been called in individually to ask how the system can be improved and people are relieved they are finally being listened to.”

The latest report follows other rumours of backstage upset over contracts.

It was claimed recently that some of Corrie’s biggest names risk the axe unless they take a pay cut.

Bosses are said to want to “even things out” between the older cast, who are getting around £200,000 a year, and newer cast members, who are getting close to half that.

The renegotiations will also see ‘guaranteed yearly wage hikes’ written out of contracts, it was alleged.

Last year saw a big behind the scenes change at Coronation Street when then Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod was appointed as the new Producer.


Coronation Street airs on ITV having been on UK telly since 1960.

You can watch the latest episodes online via the ITV Hub.