Coronation Street boss Kate Oates defends ‘dark’ storylines

Coronation Street boss Kate Oates has defended her ‘dark’ storylines.


The soap chief has spoken out, after it was revealed how Shayne Ward’s character Aidan Connor will make his exit.

It will be a heartbreaking departure, with Corrie bosses confirming that Aidan will take his own life in a suicide storyline. The plot will follow how his family and friends come to terms with the shock and loss of Aidan.

Defending such stories, Kate appeared on ITV’s This Morning today to insist there was a “balance” on the show.

“It’s an interesting one, because I still think there’s a balance in the show. The Phelan story is pretty dark but it’s also an art story about a serial killer,” she said “If you’re going to tell any story about a killer it’s quite hard to not be dark. Whether that’s Richard Hillman from classic Corrie – beating someone to death with a crowbar is pretty dark!”

Kate pointed out: “We’ve brought characters back like Peter, Daniel and Carla. “And in the block of suicide episodes, we’ve also got some of the best Corrie comedy we’ve had in such a long time.

“For me, the best formula is to create stories that matter, good drama and add classic Corrie elements within that – that’s the holy trinity that makes the soap so strong.”


Kate also pointed out that Corrie was enjoying bumper viewing figures.

“So, although I understand that people say this is dark and maybe this isn’t for me, actually people aren’t turning off, more people are turning on and I can’t fail but be happy about that,” she said.

Kate revealed last month that she would leave the soap, moving to drama production.

Current Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod had been appointed as the new Producer of Coronation Street. Former ITV Drama Commissioner Jane Hudson has been appointed Emmerdale’s Executive Producer responsible for the future editorial and creative direction of the award-winning soap.


Kate said of her exit: “Being a part of Coronation Street has quite simply been one of the best experiences of my life. I am proud of the stories we have told and the impact they have had – and I’ve had a ball working with one of the best and most talented teams in television.

“I’ll be forever grateful for this opportunity and all it has given me; but I’m also excited to try something new.”