Cold Feet cast, start time, recap and spoilers as new series kicks off


Cold Feet’s new series concludes this evening on ITV – here’s all you need to know.

Cold Feet 2017 airs tonight from 9PM on ITV with the final of seven episodes.

From the cast and characters, a recap of last series and spoilers from tonight’s show – here’s all about Cold Feet’s new series.

Cold Feet cast

ADAM WILLIAMS (James Nesbitt) – Adam is a born charmer with a permanent twinkle in his eye and an answer for everything.

JENNY GIFFORD (Fay Ripley) – Jenny has been the glue holding the Gifford family together for years, but she can’t help reflect on her missed opportunities as she glides into mid-life.

PETE GIFFORD (John Thomson) – A devoted husband and father, Pete has battled with depression and has a new outlook on life as a result.

KAREN MARSDEN (Hermione Norris) – After leaving a large publishing company to start up on her own, Karen is ready to launch Marsden House.

DAVID MARSDEN (Robert Bathurst) – David has spent the last nine months peddling insurance to unsuspecting pensioners, he’s happy to see Karen find success but it serves to remind him of his demise.

TINA REYNOLDS (Leanne Best) – Adam’s Landlady and now girlfriend, Tina, late 30s, still lives opposite Adam in her apartment.

MATT WILLIAMS (Ceallach Spellman) – After moving back from his Cheshire boarding school, Adam and Rachel’s son Matt is finding his feet and forming a deeper relationship with his dad.

NIKKI KIRKBRIGHT (Siobhan Finneran) – Nikki appears to be the well turned out Cheshire housewife but it’s the life she’s chosen, not the best she could aspire to.

BENJAMIN STEVENS (Paul Ritter) – When Karen’s silent partner Justin relocates to America, Karen is disappointed to be palmed off on his proxy Benjamin.

RAMONA RIMIREZ (Jacey Sallés) – Former nanny to the Marsden family, Ramona has returned to Karen’s side as PA in the fledgling publishing company, but her work ethic leaves a lot to be desired.

Cold Feet recap

Cold Feet made a triumphant return last year. After agreeing to take things slow, Adam and his landlady Tina have been loved up for the past ten months – living across the hall from each other but rarely apart.

Finally living out her dreams, Karen is set to launch her fledgling publishing house and its debut novel, but she’s struggling to keep a grip on home-life and PA Ramona is more hindrance than help.

Thankfully Pete has managed to shake off the black dog and is earning a tidy living as a chauffeur, but is looking for something more than being a glorified errand-boy for his rich clients.

Meanwhile fourteen-year-old Chloe needs extra attention, especially after last year’s revelation that Pete isn’t her biological father.

David’s fall from grace hit him hard and he’s now peddling life insurance to unsuspecting pensioners – a world away from life doling out high-brow financial advice.

Cold Feet spoilers

In tonight’s last episode of the series, 7 Adam (James Nesbitt) is beginning to have feelings for Tina (Leanne Best) and suspects that she may feel the same.

Cold Feet
Cold Feet

Pete (John Thomson) and Jenny (Fay Ripley) finally agree a compromise with Harry’s daughter. Still concerned about Pete’s mental wellbeing, Jenny persuades him to attend a mindfulness class, but for a middle-aged mother of two emptying your mind isn’t easy. Pete, on the other hand, embraces it.

When Karen (Hermione Norris) discovers that, thanks to his case and Robyn’s divorce proceedings, David’s (Robert Bathurst) finances have hit rock bottom, she notes that he could dip into the girls’ trust fund, little does she know that he has already done so. Karen has no choice but to send him packing and once again, David has no place to call home.

Cold Feet airs at 9PM tonight on ITV. You can catch up online via the ITV Hub.