Cold Feet 2019 cast, episodes and spoilers from Series 8 of the ITV drama

Cold Feet series 8 cast, air date and number of episodes

Cold Feet’s new series concludes this evening on ITV – here’s all you need to know.

Cold Feet 2019 airs Mondays from 9PM on ITV with its eighth series.

Series 8 of Cold Feet sees Adam (James Nesbitt) back on the singles market, but for once in his life he’s not finding any takers – has he finally lost his mojo?

Pete (John Thomson) on the other hand appears to have found his and, having recently renewed their wedding vows, some alfresco action is the icing on Pete and Jen’s cake. However, mature student Jenny’s (Fay Ripley) happiness is short lived when some unexpected news sends her into a tailspin.

Fiercely independent Karen (Hermione Norris) is more interested in work than relationships, especially when a mystery author’s manuscript lands on her desk.

Meanwhile, David (Robert Bathurst) and Nikki (Siobhan Finneran) are enjoying a more frugal life when Nikki’s divorce settlement comes through tipping the balance. How far will David go to protect his pride?

There are six episodes of Cold Feet in 2019. You can watch for free online or catch up via the ITV Hub.

Cold Feet cast

  1. Adam Williams JAMES NESBITT
  2. David Marsden ROBERT BATHURST
  3. Karen Marsden HERMIONE NORRIS
  4. Pete Gifford JOHN THOMSON
  5. Jenny Gifford FAY RIPLEY
  6. Ramona Ramirez JACEY SALLES
  7. Matthew Williams CEALLACH SPELLMAN
  8. Nikki Kirkbright SIOBHAN FINNERAN
  9. Adam Gifford JACK HARPER
  10. Josh Marsden CALLUM WOODHOUSE
  11. Ellie Marsden SYLVIE BRIGGS
  12. Olivia Marsden DAISY EDGAR-JONES
  13. Barbara Blyth MARJI CAMPI
  14. Gemma Murphy TARA GOUVEIA
  15. Darren Whitfield ALEX LOWE
  16. Val Clarkson AMY DRAKE
  17. Doctor ASHA KINGSLEY
  18. Evan Jenkins DANNY MORGAN
  19. Chloe Gifford MADELINE EDMONDSON

Cold Feet spoilers

In this evening’s sixth and final episode of the series, Adam and Karen are enjoying the excitement of their fledging relationship, but are all too aware that their secret will need to come out sometime.

When Pete observes one too many close moments between Adam and Karen, he confronts Adam and a chain reaction ensues, sending shockwaves through the whole group.

With the group fractured and Adam and Karen unceremoniously shut out, is their relationship over before it’s even begun?

David befriends the owner of a local café, Mary, and ends up helping her out of a chaotic lunchtime rush. Business-minded David advises her on maximizing profit but Mary refuses to change her ways at the expense of her loyal customers.

David rethinks and suggests a way she can be both community benefactor and successful entrepreneur – by becoming a modern-day Robin Hood!

Jenny hits the roof, furious that her two best friends have been carrying on; she’s got enough to deal with. Jen heads for a chemotherapy session and gets some heart-breaking news.

Cold Feet 2019’s series has six episodes.