COBRA: Rebellion start date and trailer revealed for new series on Sky and NOW


COBRA returns to Sky and NOW this autumn with its third series.

The Sky Original drama, COBRA: Rebellion, will air on Sky Max and NOW from 12 October 2023.

Prime Minister Sutherland, portrayed by Robert Carlyle, remains in his Number 10 office, accompanied by Victoria Hamilton, who reprises her role as Chief of Staff, Anna Marshall. Jane Horrocks, known for her roles in “Bloods” and “Absolutely Fabulous,” joins the cast as Victoria Dalton, a new populist Defence Secretary.

You can watch a first look trailer below…

In the new season, Prime Minister Robert Sutherland confronts a series of newchallenges. His popularity takes a hit due to a controversial police-protest bill, and his administration descends into chaos after a grave incident during an environmental demonstration.

As the inquiry into the protest’s events unfolds, the Prime Minister and his government begin to suspect that there is more to the story. With his daughter possibly linked to the group behind the incident, his interest in the case becomes deeply personal, adding strain to his already tumultuous personal life.

The investigation delves into the dark depths of the nation’s power, causing the Prime Minister to question the loyalty of his own team. The crisis expands to encompass not only the immediate threat of environmental destruction but also the corrosive influence of the arms industry, the emergence of shadowy corporate security firms, and the complex reality of the UK’s relationship with a critical ally.

Also on the cast of the third series are David Haig (Killing Eve) as Foreign Secretary Archie Glover-Morgan, Richard Pepple (Gangs of London) as Home Secretary Joseph Obasi and Marsha Thomason (The Bay) as Francine Bridge, Shadow Environment Secretary, Lisa Palfrey (Chloe) as Eleanor James, Head of the Joint Intelligence Committee, Lucy Cohu (Ripper Street) as Prime Minister’s wife Rachel Sutherland, Alexa Davies (Dead Pixels) as Audrey Hemmings, Civil Contingencies Secretariat Officer and Edward Bennett (Save Me Too) as press secretary Peter Mott.

COBRA: Rebellion airs on Sky Max and streaming service NOW on 12 October 2023.

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