Cinderella: After Ever After cast and air date of Sky One’s festive fairytale

Cinderella: After Ever After Sky cast, date and time

Cinderella: After Ever After is a new fairytale drama airing on Sky this Christmas.


From the cast to where and when to watch it on TV, here’s all about the festive special.

Cinderella: After Ever After begins where the classic fairytale ends. The story is told in the characteristically cheeky, anarchic and heart-warming tone of David Walliams’ best-selling books.

Think the fantasy world of the Princess Bride and Jim Henson’s Labyrinth – the silliness of The Holy Grail, with the heart of Ratburger and Grandpa’s Great Escape.

Cinderella: After Ever After airs on Christmas Eve (24 December) on Sky One at 8PM.

Cinderella: After Ever After cast

Here’s the full cast in Sky’s Cinderella: After Ever After…

David Walliams – Prince Charming
Sian Gibson – Cinderella
Sir Tom Courtenay – The King
Celia Imrie – Madame Blackheart
Kevin Bishop – Buttons


Matthew Steer – Herald
Ellen Thomas – Fairy Godmother
Ruth Bratt – Dumbella the Ugly Stepsister
Camille Ucan – Rubella the Ugly Stepsister
Alexander Owen – Snorter
Ben Ashenden – Pongo

Cinderella: After Ever After will be introduced by David, sitting by the fire in his study, explaining how he’s always wanted to know what happened after the final proclamation: ‘and they lived happily ever after’.

He decides to delve deeper into the classic story of Cinderella, who married her Prince Charming after just one date. David then draws the audience into a magical world, where we join the new bride on her wedding day.

Cinderella is already feeling remorse about her whirlwind marriage to dopey Prince Charming – the more she finds out about him, the more she suspects she’s rushed into things. Perhaps a glass slipper fitting your foot is not sufficient grounds for a lifelong commitment after all?

To make matters worse, when Prince Charming’s mother dies in mysterious – and farty – circumstances, Cinderella’s evil stepmother quickly makes a move on the widower King.


With the help of her ditsy Fairy Godmother and her mouse-pal Buttons, Cinderella turns from damsel-in-distress to hero as she sets about solving this mystery – and discovers that her stepmother is planning something more evil than ever before.

Cinderella: After Ever After airs Tuesday at 8PM on Sky One.