Cheryl admits her frustration over The Greatest Dancer’s format

Cheryl has confessed that The Greatest Dancer’s audition format has left her frustrated at times.


The new dance show launches Saturday, January 5 at 8PM on BBC One.

Unlike other talent shows, it won’t be down to judges to decide who gets through with all the power in the hands of the audience.

Dance hopefuls will perform in front of a giant two way mirror, much like in a dance studio. On the other side, unseen by them, is a studio audience who can see through and watch their performance.

If the crowd like what they see, they can hit a button and if more than 75% of the audience do so the mirror will open, sending the act through to the callback stages.

But Cheryl has admitted that there had been occasions where she disagreed with the audience.

“One of the most memorable acts was a locker and popper,” the singer revealed. “It’s a shame because despite his amazing technique, I don’t think the performance resonated with the audience.


“It was frustrating because all the Dance Captains thought it was a really strong performance, but the audience didn’t press their buttons.

“The mirror didn’t open and that was one moment when I was like, come on guys press your buttons, seriously you don’t know what we’re losing out on here.

Despite the frustration, Cheryl told the Daily Mirror the format is why she loves the show.

“The great thing about The Greatest Dancer is that the audience hold the power,” Cheryl added.

Those who make it through to the auditions will make it through to the callback stages. There, Cheryl and her fellow dance captains – Broadway star Matthew Morrison and Strictly pro Oti Mabuse – will takeover.


One performer will go on to win a £50,000 cash prize and the chance to perform on the Strictly Come Dancing live shows.

The Greatest Dancer begins at 8PM, Saturday January 5 on BBC One.