The Chase: Here’s what really happens behind the scenes

ITV’s The Chase is back on TV this evening but what really goes on behind the scenes?


Well from the auditions to filming, one contestant has spilled on what the show is like.

Danny Davey appeared on the series in 2017 although he revealed how he actually applied YEARS ago – showing just how long the process is.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Danny explained what potential contestants go through to get on the show.

“I applied online a few years ago and had to go for an audition in London where they ask you some general knowledge questions and then you talk about yourself for a few minutes,” he said.

Danny continued: “It’s a very long process though. I applied a few years back, had a telephone interview and then went to an audition in December 2015. Then it was more phone interviews.”

Once contestants are chosen for the show, security around filming is like “Fort Knox”, according to Danny.

“Our team was put into a holding room and if we wanted to go outside for a fag like I did they radio through to people in the corridor to make sure you don’t bump into your Chaser,” he revealed to the tabloid.

Danny insisted: “The first time we see what Chaser we have is when they walk out and sit on their chair. I felt like I was in Fort Knox whilst I was there.”


Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be on The Chase? Applications are currently open for the next series.

You can apply here as long as you’re over 18 and currently reside in the UK.