Charlotte’s secret plan for victory on The Traitors

Charlotte on The Traitors

Charlotte, a 32-year-old Recruitment Manager from Warwickshire, has become one of the most talked about contestants on The Traitors this year.


Speaking ahead of the series airing, Charlotte divulged her game plan for success on the BBC One series.

When asked why she applied to be on “The Traitors,” Charlotte’s response was candid and spirited. “I applied for the challenge, I wasn’t even thinking about the money,” she stated.

Discussing her game plan, Charlotte revealed: “I think I’m really good at pretending I don’t know what’s going on, when actually, I have a very good idea.

Charlotte The Traitors

“I play the ditzy one and I make self-deprecating jokes constantly, and I don’t get embarrassed easily either – which I think is good. I used to play poker tournaments and they used to just think ‘Who’s the bimbo at the end of the table?’ but I’d still make it to the end.”

Her plan, as Charlotte put it, is to “be underestimated and kill with kindness.”


“I feel like you need to assess your group first, you need to get to know everyone and work them out. I wouldn’t play the same gameplan as everybody else,” she explained.

Charlotte continued: “If I am a Faithful and I think I know who the Traitors are, I wouldn’t call them out. Unless it was at the Round Table and I was going for a majority, I’d do it then so that I didn’t look dodgy.

“Even if I had some solid evidence, it would be better to have that person on side as a friend. I’d rather do that because they won’t get rid of you and then when it comes to the final moments, you can get rid of them. I’d rather do that because that’s the only way you’re going to stay safe as a Faithful. Otherwise, they’re just going to eliminate you.”

The Traitors 2024 cast

Suggesting her current on screen actions may be a ruse, she shared: “I feel like you need to build relationships with everybody. Even if you don’t like them, just suck it up and get on with it. Don’t be too opinionated, but don’t be too quiet.


“If you do think someone is a Traitor, be their friend, wait until the end and job done! Honestly, I don’t mind the Traitors getting rid of the other Faithfuls because that’s just another person I won’t have to share the money with. I think a lot of people are hellbent on what is morally right, even though the show is called The Traitors.”

The Traitors continues tonight at 9PM on BBC One and iPlayer.

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