Channel 5 to explore the life of trees for new TV series

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Channel 5 has announced new three-part series titled The Secret Life of Trees (working title).

Spanning three hour-long episodes, the series promises an extraordinary journey into the world of trees, filmed over a year across the UK and parts of Europe. It aims to unveil the often unseen and fascinating aspects of trees – from their communication methods to their nurturing behaviours and their incredible longevity.

The series will feature ancient trees that have existed since the pyramids were being built, trees with the ability to tell time, and wise old trees that pass down memories. This insightful series is expected to change how viewers perceive the natural world around them, especially the silent yet remarkable life of trees.

Lucy Willis, Commissioning Editor at Channel 5 and Paramount+, said:”I find it staggering that there are trees on this planet that have been alive for over a thousand years. Just imagine what that tree has seen in it’s lifetime. Trees have an incredible mystery and romance to them as well as a fundamentally essential role in the cycle of life.

“This is a real passion project for me and I hope when people watch this series they’ll fall in love with their captivating majesty.”

Helen Docherty, Executive Producer for Voltage TV, added: “Trees are far more sophisticated than most of us realise – I can’t wait for this series to reveal some of their extraordinary behaviours.”

Melanie Darlaston, Executive Producer for GroupM Motion Entertainment commented: “It’s a joy to be part of a series that unearths some incredible facts about trees. We have come to understand how important trees are in combatting global warming, but who knew that trees gasp when they are thirsty, that they can produce anti-freeze in minus temperatures and that trees have their very own underground WhatsApp system to warn others when they are under attack from drought or disease? Respect!”

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