Channel 5 announces new true crime series The Incident Room

Channel 5 has announced a brand new true crime format called The Incident Room.

At the heart of any police investigation is the incident room, and this groundbreaking series plunges viewers into the intense universe of murder inquiries. It positions the audience right in the midst of the incident room, where every passing moment plays a pivotal role in the race to capture a perpetrator.

Guided by the original detectives who led the respective cases, the audience will be guided through every phase of the investigation. This includes conversations with friends and family members, insights from psychologists, and the expertise of forensic investigators, among others.

Incident Room - Mark Braithwaite 3

Providing an exclusive peek into the inner workings of these nerve centres of murder investigations, this two-part series unveils, step by step, the gripping procedures detectives employ to uncover vital clues, pinpoint dangerous suspects, assemble the intricate puzzle of each case, and ultimately bring ruthless murderers to justice.

The original two-part series will come to Channel 5 in the coming months.

Federico Ruiz, Commissioning Editor, Unscripted, Channel 5 & Paramount+ said: “Take a deep breath and get ready to step into the shoes of real-life homicide detectives at the business end of grisly murder investigations. Crime is a tough space to break new ground but recreating a living, breathing, Incident Room does exactly that. Forget what you’ve seen on TV dramas, this is the real deal.”

Andrew Sheldon, Executive Producer at programme makers True North added: “The idea was to recreate the precinct of a real Incident Room to reveal how detectives solved their most challenging cases. We see the investigations in the incident room itself, in the cells, in the Interview Room and in the Family Liaison Suite where victim’s families are debriefed.

“The format allows the viewers to understand how and why the key decisions were taken that brought notorious killers to justice.”

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