Channel 5 announces new documentary exploring JFK assassination


A landmark documentary exploring the unsolved mysteries surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is set to premiere on Channel 5 this November.

The new special will mark 60 years since the fateful day that changed America.

The documentary, titled JFK Assassination: Inside the Trauma Room, is a product of See It Now Studios and promises to shed new light on the case with revelations from seven doctors who were present in Parkland Hospital’s ER on that day.

Directed by the renowned Barbara Shearer (Loving Elvis), the film brings together these doctors for an emotional reunion, captured in never-before-seen footage. They recount their experiences in Trauma Room 1, sharing intricate details of their observations and actions that tragic afternoon.

One of the most startling revelations in the documentary challenges the official narrative that has persisted for decades. Several doctors assert that the wound they observed on JFK’s throat appeared to be an entry wound, suggesting he was shot from the front. This contradicts the widely accepted belief that Lee Harvey Oswald, from his perch at the Texas School Book Depository, was the lone gunman.

Furthermore, the documentary delves into the controversies surrounding the official autopsy of JFK, questioning the number of bullets that hit the President and the extent of their damage. The film poignantly leaves viewers pondering a chilling question: Could there have been another shooter?

Outside the UK, the documentary will be presented under the title JFK: What the Doctors Saw and will be available on Paramount+.

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