Channel 4 to explore the world of The Kardashians in new two-part series


Channel 4 is to explore the world of The Kardashians in a new two-part documentary.

The Kardashians: Billion Dollar Dynasty is to look at how they have defied critics to build a family brand that has changed the face of social media and earned the stratospheric wealth.

Channel 4 share: “The Kardashians: Billion Dollar Dynasty will lift the lid on the family’s finances to tell the story of how this astute family have worked to exploit every potential setback and turn these into money making opportunities.

“In turn, their genius and guile has put them at the forefront of a world where social media is monetised, where influence is king and where social platforms are used to turn people and products into profitable brands.

“Featuring rarely seen archive and candid insight from close friends and former colleagues, the films will reveal the deals and decisions that have increased the family’s finances and the changing dynamics of the family as they grew from reality stars to billionaire business owners.”

Joint CEO of producers Optomen, Nick Hornby, said: “These films will offer a new perspective on this famous family, revealing just how a closet organiser catapulted to fame by a sex tape ended up on the Forbes billionaire list and the cover of Vogue, and question just how a 21-year-old Kylie Jenner became so influential she could wipe $1.3 billion off a Snapchat’s stock price with a single tweet.”

Ian Dunkley, commissioning editor at Channel 4, added: “The story of the Kardashians is entwined with the rise of social media and the changing face of fame, power and influence. These films will uncover how family were among the very first to monetise and make use of social media to market and control their own narrative.

“A look back at the rise of the Kardashians is also a look back at our own recent history.”

A broadcast date for The Kardashians: Billion Dollar Dynasty is to be announced.

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