Big Boys set for third and final series on Channel 4

Big Boys cast

Channel 4 comedy Big Boys is set to return for a third and final series, according to reports.


Jack Rooke’s critically acclaimed show will say goodbye after its third outing.

Created and narrated by Jack Rooke, the show features Dylan Llewellyn playing the role of Jack, a university newcomer on a quest to find his community while discovering his own identity.

The inaugural series depicted the unexpected bond between the gentle, introverted, and closeted Jack and the exuberant, boisterous, and slightly older student Danny.

In Series Two, the ensemble ventures into their second year at Brent University in 2014. Here, they confront challenges such as virginity dilemmas, experimentation, and Jack’s fascination with Alison Hammond, with the added pressure that their degrees now actually count.

An insider told The Sun about plans for the third series: “The feeling is the creators want to quit while they’re ahead and for some reason, three is a bit of a magic number when it comes to that sort of thing.

“It feels like they’ve given the concept a good run, gaining a strong following and drawing acclaim, without it wearing thin over time.”

For now, the first two series are available to stream on


Alongside Dylan Llewellyn, the cast features Jon Pointing, Camille Coduri, Katy Wix, Izuka Hoyle, Olisa Odele, Harriet Webb and Annette Badland.

Jack Rooke said of the latest outing: “Second year at Brent Uni is bigger and better than before, delving into even more of our uni gangs japes, scrapes and collective love of her royal highness, Alison Hammond.”