Catchpoint: All about Paddy McGuinness’ new game show and how it works

BBC One game show Catchpoint is back for a new series – but just how does it work?


Presented by Paddy McGuinness, Catchpoint is the gameshow with a difference, according to the BBC.

The series is the first physical game show where contestants need quick reflexes and brains in order to win the cash prize.

In this game, answers aren’t given by simply speaking but rather by catching balls.

In the studio, ten large rectangular LED screens are positioned along the back wall of the Catch Zone. These screens will display the answers to each question that the players will face. Suspended above the Catch Zone are ten trapdoors – each containing a ball.

Only the trapdoor that is located directly above the correct answer screen will open and send a ball plummeting to the ground.

All the players must do is stand in front of the screen that they think is displaying the correct answer, press the button to release the ball and then catch the ball when it drops from the correct answer trapdoor.


If the player is standing in the right place, it should be a piece of cake but get it wrong and they’ll have to rely on fast moves and quick reflexes not to drop that ball!

Paddy enthused: “It’s so simple. It’s just answering questions and catching balls, as mad as that sounds. When we were filming, I’d come on say to the audience, ‘look, it’s a new gameshow, you don’t know much about it but I’ll tell you the jist of it – someone’s going to answer a question and catch a ball, that’s it!’ It’s just so simple.”

There are a variety of rounds, all leading up to an exciting finale where a cash prize is at stake.

Paddy added: “The questions are good and could be as random as: ‘Which of these breeds of dogs is the same weight as a shotput?’ Or having to guess where the next musical notes are going to land. It’s a bit of everything really, but there are some random ones as well, which is always nice.”

And he already has plans for a celebrity spin-off.

“If we do a celebrity version, it would probably be good to have a few cricketers on board, that way, if they don’t catch the ball, you can absolutely rinse them. I think anything like that would be handy. The trouble is, I don’t watch much cricket so I can’t think of anyone,” Paddy laughed.


The second series begins on Saturday 14 March at 6:55PM on BBC One.

You’ll be able to watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer.