Cast of Truelove on Channel 4

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Here’s who’s on the cast of new drama Truelove on Channel 4.


Truelove takes an unconventional approach to the cat and mouse thriller genre. The story revolves around a close-knit group of older friends who make a solemn pact.

In their determination to spare each other from a harrowing decline, they pledge to orchestrate a more dignified end, a true testament of ‘Truelove.’ However, when a determined young police officer delves deeper into the lives of these retirees, the narrative embarks on a surprising and perilous trajectory.

Featuring a core cast in their 70s, Truelove presents a refreshing perspective on aging. It deftly weaves thrilling twists, a wry sense of humor, and an impassioned love story into its narrative, celebrating the concept of second chances and the belief that it’s never too late. Yet, at its core lies the most complex of ethical dilemmas – is it ever morally justifiable to assist in ending a life?

The cast of Truelove

Philippa “Phil” Leach (Lindsay Duncan)

Retired detective Philippa feels invisible and bored in retirement. The ‘Truelove’ pact revives her, reigniting old feelings, especially for Ken.

Kenneth “Ken” Holding (Clarke Peters)

Former SAS soldier Ken, living a solitary life, finds renewed purpose and unresolved emotions through the ‘Truelove’ pact with Phil.

Truelove on Channel 4


Ayesha (Kiran Sonia Samar)

Ambitious police officer Ayesha, dealing with personal loss, seeks recognition and is drawn into a challenging case.

Nigel (Phil Davis)

Nigel, Phil’s husband, focused on enjoying retirement, faces challenges with Ken’s return into Phil’s life.

Tom (Karl Johnson)

Retired Tom, content with his life by the sea, faces a serious health diagnosis with dignity and a wish for a peaceful end.

Kate (Fiona Button)

Phil and Nigel’s daughter, Kate struggles with her relationship with Phil and the aftermath of a failed marriage.

David (Peter Egan)

Retired GP David, facing financial constraints, lives a modest life with his wife Marion, adjusting to unmet expectations.


Marion (Sue Johnston)

Marion, content in her long marriage to David, enjoys a quiet coastal life, reflecting on their fifty years together.

Truelove airs on Channel 4 from 9PM on Wednesday, 3 January 2024.

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